1. Choose Your Recipient

Select recipient from the contact drop-down menu. Add a new recipient if none is shown.
Learn more about Contacts.

2. Select Account

Select account from the drop-down menu. Add a new account if none is shown.
Learn more about Connection.

4. Select Coin

4. Enter Amount and Security Answer

The receiver will need to answer the Security Answer correctly in order to receive the funds.

An optional message can be provided for your recipient.

5. Review and Authorize

Please double check the details with your recipient, such as recipient's email address, amount and security answer, and make sure they're correct before confirming your transfer. The transaction fee is also estimated and shown on the review page.

Click the "Confirm" button to continue, and follow the wallet authorization instruction.

Once the transfer is authorized by your wallet, you will be given a receipt.

Be sure to copy the security answer and send it to your recipient.


How long does a transfer take?

Chainsfr automatically chooses the median of transaction fees from the last several blocks, assuming a typical daily transaction volume, the average time it takes to complete one transaction is

  • 15 seconds for ETH, DAI and other ERC20 tokens (1 confirmation)
  • 60 minutes for BTC (6 confirmations)

In short,  your recipient will be able to deposit the funds 15 seconds after sending out ETH, DAI and other ERC20 tokens, and 60 minutes after sending out BTC.

How do you notify me about my transfer?

We will contact you by email when your transfer is created, when your recipient received your funds, and when the transfer expires.

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