What access from our Google accounts do you need?

  • View your name and email of your Google Account
  • View and manage its own configuration data in your Google Drive
  • View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app.

How and when unclaimed money can be reversed to the sender?

You can easily cancel the transfer if the funds are unclaimed by the receiver. The funds at the escrow smart contract will be sent back to you.

Is it trust-less?

Yes. You own your payments and assets. We do not control them. Neither can Google.

Multi-signatures & smart contracts are embedded in our escrow architecture to ensure a secure and smooth user experience.

Is there any way that my ETH address could be linked to my Google Account by an outside observer?

No, your wallet integration settings are saved in our database and only you have access to them.

What other social platforms do you plan to expand to in the future?

Twitter, Facebook.

Would it be possible to integrate it with an existing MetaMask account?

Yes! It is already fully supported.

Do you receive an email if you receive cryptos?

Yes. The receiver is notified by email when the funds are ready for deposit.

Does my Google account become a wallet?

Sort of. It abstracts out private key management to a third party system - Google Drive, which enables users to create/store private keys, transfer cryptocurrencies - all without having to install any software.

Are you planning to launch other cryptocurrencies too?

Yes. Let us know what cryptocurrency you want us to support: https://feedback.chainsfr.com/feature-requests

Also why limited to a google account? Are you planning to also offer it to other email providers?

Currently, we only support the Google account. If you would like to use other email providers, send us a feature request here.

Would there be a browser extension rather than an app?

Yes! That is in our pipeline for the near future.

Would it expire after a certain amount of time without logging in?

Yes. Your session expires in one hour.

Who holds the private key? If only the end-user, how is it that account recovery is possible?

Your private keys are all kept in your Google drive, which complies with SOC2 & SOC3 Security Principle, encrypted with a master password provided by either Chainsfr or user. Your wallet private keys are automatically backed in your Google Drive and recovery is straightforward. We do not have access to your private keys, neither can Google.

Does this create a new ETH address for those who have never logged in? How can they get a PK or how can someone access the ETH I sent to an email.

No. The funds sent out are temporarily stored in our non-custodial escrow smart contracts. Then the receiver requests the escrow to deposit the funds to his/her preferred wallet.

How does the recipient know or withdraw? They would then have to sign up for a Chainsfr account right?

We'll send them an email notification letting them know that someone has sent ETH to their email address, and provide them with a link to claim it. The login process is the same for new and returning users since we are using Google Single Sign-on.

And is this only for ETH or also other cryptos?

We currently support

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Dai
  4. USD Coin
  5. Tether
  6. TrueUSD

Let us know what cryptocurrency you want us to support: https://feedback.chainsfr.com/feature-requests

Do you send the recipient the secret key?

Nope! No keys are sent to anyone. Funds are first sent to a non-custodial escrow wallet and locked with a security answer provided by the sender. The receiver accesses the Chainsfr deposit page with a unique 128-bit transfer ID from his/her notification email. The transfer ID is not exposed outside except the corresponding sender and receiver. The receiver must provide the correct transfer ID and security answer to retrieve the funds at the escrow.

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