When you signed in to Chainsfr for the first time, we created a Chainsfr Wallet for you. The Chainsfr Wallet is encrypted and stored safely inside your Google Drive. You can export the private keys of the Chainsfr Wallet at any time.

How to export the Chainsfr Wallet private keys?

  • While you are logged in to Chainsfr, go to the Account Settings:
  • In the Account Settings page, click the Advanced tab, and click the Export button:
  • After read and agree to the disclaimer in the pop-up window, click the Show Private Keys button:
  • After a brief loading, your private keys will be displayed. Click the Copy buttons to copy your private keys

Things to know about exporting private keys of Chainsfr Wallet

  • Your private keys hold the access to all the assets store in your Chainsfr Wallet. Anyone with the private keys has full control over the assets under the accounts.
  • Do not share it with anyone. Chainsfr will never ask for your private keys.
  • Chainsfr takes no responsibilities for the security of your private keys during or after the exporting. It is solely your responsibility to store your private keys securely once you've exported these keys.

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